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The decision-making criterion for the selection of a suitable hosting provider is not only the price level of the offered offer, but also the quality of the products themselves. The latter is distinguished mainly by different technical specifications and limitations such as transfer volumes, availability or data speed.

For companies, self-employed as well as individuals or clubs, the accessibility of their own web offer is often existentially important. This is particularly true when products or services are distributed or processed via the Internet presence, or the internal communication is handled via the Internet.

As far as accessibility is concerned, we offer versatile product solutions in the field of hosting servers which are characterized by maximum system reliability. In addition to the external availability tests, which are standard in the industry and carried out at regular intervals, the reliability of our systems is additionally ensured by means of a monitoring system. These are permanent self tests, which reliably and quickly detect any faults or bottlenecks. Should faults occur, they can be communicated to us in real time and immediately by e-mail or SMS.

The result: Our servers offer you a high degree of reliability and a high quality, which meet the high customer expectations of a successful Internet presence.

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