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SpamExperts Antispam Solution

Reduce spam to a minimum Webhosting / SpamExperts Antispam Solution

Spam is unfortunately one of the unsightly things of digital communication of our time. No matter how much you take care that your own e-mail address does not fall into the wrong hands, at some point the first mail arrives. And unfortunately it does not remain then with a single mail.
If you want to reduce your spam volume to a minimum, we recommend Spamexperts spam filters. Cloud-based filtering also detects new spam waves very quickly and filters the mails accordingly. Thanks to Spamexpert’s extensive experience in dealing with spam, almost all spammers are sorted out, and the e-mails are also immediately checked for viruses. The spam detection rate is 99%.

The initial setup of the incoming filtering of your e-mails is very simple: you only have to change the MX record of your domain to the mailserver of SpamExpert, the system automatically recognizes your previous mailserver and redirects the filtered mails accordingly. That was it.

In order to configure the spam filter, many settings are also available in the web interface. Black and whitelists, sending e-mails that have been sent to the Quran, or creating reports.

Of course, you can also book the spam filter for servers and webhosting products, which you do not operate with us. (You only need access to the DNS management of your domain)

Spamexperts incoming Filter

1,99€ per Month, per Domain incl. VAT.
    • 1000 protected mail addresses per domain (extension on request)
    • Traffic incl.
    • Price per domain
    • Period of notice: 14 days to the end of the month
    • Payment Interval: monthly


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