Blesta License

At you not only get payment gateways and extensions for Blesta, as a direct Blesta reseller you also have the possibility to purchase your Blesta licence directly from us..

Blesta combines a billing system, customer management, ordering system and ticket system in a single open-source software (apart from the files required for the licensing system, all files are unencrypted). The focus of the software is on the hosting business.

Because Blesta is modular, the software can be extended at any time via plugins, modules or payment gateways. Blesta already comes with a variety of modules, but you can also find third-party extensions via the Blesta marketplace.

Unlike WHMCS, for example, Blesta does not have a sliding scale for the rental price based on your number of customers. You only pay the agreed price, regardless of whether you manage 10 or 1000 active customers with Blesta.

Blesta Lizenz Reseller


Blesta License Monthly Unbranded

per Month, incl. VAT
  • monthly rental version
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Powered by Blesta Branding
  • 1 month contract period
  • 7 days notice period
  • Zahlungsintervall: monatlich

Blesta License Owned Unbranded

onetime, incl VATt
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • one-time purchase version
  • Powered by Blesta Branding
  • annual costs for updates and support in the amount of 39€ (optional)
Advantages of Blesta

Open Source

Apart from a few files that are important for the licensing system, the source code of Blesta is not encrypted. It is possible to adapt the software to your requirements.

Multi-company capable

With the paid add-on package, you can use one Blesta installation for several of your businesses. Configure each of your businesses to run under a different host name that loads its own branding. Customers can't tell that you have multiple brands.

All in 1

Blesta combines 4 systems in 1 (ordering system, billing system, support system and customer management), so you have all the important things in one place and always have an overview.

High safety standard

Blesta takes security seriously. Security mechanisms to protect against session hijacking and brute force attacks and the storage of passwords as highly encrypted hashes are only part of the methods Blesta offers to protect your data.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately no, Blesta licences purchased through a reseller are not authorised to use the Blesta ticket system. As a support option you can use the Blesta Communityforum and the Discord Channel. You can also obtain additional information from the Documentation and the Video Tutorials.

Yes, the Blesta team provides an Online-Demo on their website.

Yes, you can test Blesta free of charge for 30 days. To do so, simply download the installation files from and install the software on your system.

If you decide to purchase a licence after the test, the licence can be deposited quite easily.

Yes, Blesta is constantly being further developed and its range of functions expanded. You can get an insight into the development via the official Blesta Roadmap and the publicly accessible bug tracking system.

Due to the modular structure of Blesta, it can be expanded at any time via modules, plugins, templates and payment gateways.

The Blesta Marketplace gives you an insight into the additional extensions provided by third-party suppliers.

Yes, when changing servers you can renew the licence directly via our customer area. This eliminates possible waiting times if this should be done via the support.

Yes, through us you can also extend your Blesta licence with the Company Addon and thus use your Blesta installation for several of your companies.

Please note that due to API limitations, the ordering of add-on companies can only be done manually.