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Our Data Center

Many aspects have to be considered when choosing a data center. Starting with standard requirements such as connection, building security, power supply and air conditioning to the distance of the own location and the available space. For this reason, we have decided on the Comtrance data center in Connecta Parc in Düsseldorf.

The computer centre has round-the-clock (24/7) video surveillance monitored by a security service and is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN 27001:2013. Access is exclusively via RFID chip and a biometric check using a hand scanner. The power supply of the data centre is 100% green electricity (hydropower).

The permanent power supply is made possible by redundant UPS systems. Not only can complete power failures be bridged, but also general power fluctuations in the power supply network can be compensated.
During longer power failures, a diesel emergency power generator ensures that all systems are supplied with power and delivers 100% of the electricity when required. In an emergency situation, the generator requires a minimum start-up time of 30 seconds in total. To ensure that the generator is ready for use in an emergency, it is tested and checked once a month. The fuel supply is also designed for continuous operation of the emergency generator and refuelling can also be carried out during operation.

The air conditioning of the systems is provided by air conditioning units inserted in a raised floor, which were specially designed for use in data centres. These are responsible for optimum cooling with a minimum risk of condensation.