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Here are our servers Webhosting / Data Center

Our servers are located in the intercomputer center in Frankfurt, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the central German Internet hub.

Location and connection

With its location in Frankfurt am Main, we have certainly made the right choice. Thanks to the direct proximity to the DE-CIX node, low ping times are possible. The data center has a total connection of up to 250Gbit and cross-connects to many other carriers via a redundant fiber optic cable entry. And so the in-house connection is reliable and powerful, you can rely on hardware from brand manufacturers like Juniper, Cisco and HP.

Maximum security

In addition to a good and stable Internet connection, security is one of the most important criteria for a data center. In this case, access to the building is based on a multi-level housing access with a KeyCard access control system and 24/7 camera monitoring in the entrance and in the building.

Power supply

In order for their data to be online at any time, the data center is, of course, provided with a permanent power supply. Two 630 kVA transformer stations are used to supply the data center with 100% green electricity from regenerative energy sources. And in the case of the case, the data center is equipped with state-of-the-art UPS systems with an efficiency of 96 percent.

Always the right temperature

All servers are located in rooms that have redundant cooling. 90% of this is guaranteed by fresh air. Once more or less air is needed, a computer-controlled exhaust and air supply control ensures that the rooms are always adequately ventilated and that energy is never wasted unnecessarily. Due to the separation of hot and cold air and a modern warming system, it is possible at any time to guarantee that the servers have an appropriate temperature and that a failure due to overheating is virtually impossible.

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