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With a digital SSL certificate, the owner of a web page confirms the authenticity and integrity of the site and ensures sensitive data, such Passwords, payment information and addresses are encrypted. These certificates are available in a variety of designs, ranging from the relatively simple, low-priced home / blog owner certificate, to online store certificates, to high-end extended validation (the green-shaded browser line) that banks use, for example. An SSL certificate contains all the data required for testing. At the present time, when we enter our data on many portals and always use the services of online payment service providers to pay for orders in online shops, it can be e.g. Online shops or web portals no longer afford to work without an SSL certificate and so protect the customer data during the transfer.

All certificates we offer come from well-known exhibitors such as RapidSSL, Sectigo, GeoTrust and Thawte. This guarantees you a secure data connection and above all a high browser compatibility.

With us you get SSL certificates from the following exhibitors:


Due to his many years of experience as a security specialist, Sectigo (formerly Comodo) is probably one of the best known providers of SSL certificates and offers different types of certificates. Starting with cheap SSL certificates to secure log-in areas to wildcard and SSL certificates with extended validation, in which the browser bar turns green, Sectigo offers the right certificate for everyone, whether a small blog or corporate website.
Sectigo SSL Certificates are available from as low as € 6.99.


RapidSSL specializes in low-cost SSL certificates, focusing on domain-validated certificates. Thus, RapidSSL offers especially for beginners or operators of small websites the appropriate certificates which are issued by the automated domain validation within a few minutes.

Certificates from RapidSSL are already available from € 14.99 .


GeoTrust offers more extensive SSL Certificates for medium and large enterprises. The validation of the GeoTrust Certificates will take a while longer for the exhibition, but it will give website visitors extra security. In addition, the warranty, a kind of guarantee against false certificates issued to a third party who was not entitled to an SSL certificate, by GeoTrust significantly higher than other exhibitors such. RapidSSL.

SSL Certificates from GeoTrust are available from us for € 81.99.


Thawte is one of the largest and most well-known exhibitors for SSL certificates and enjoys a particularly high level of trust. SSL certificates issued by Thawte also have a particularly high browser acceptance, so that they are recognized by almost 100% of all browsers. In addition, Thawte grants a very high guarantee for its SSL certificates, a kind of guarantee against false certificates issued to a third party who did not have the right to an SSL certificate. The combination of acceptance and security makes Thawte SSL Certificates the right choice for Internet shops and websites.

With us you get SSL certificates from Thawte already for 41,99 €.