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Powerful and cheap vServer

Simple, fast and uncomplicated can thats our different virtual servers. We offer finely graduated server packages according to your wishes. Decide on the basis of your requirements for the appropriate performance class of your new server. Attractive prices, friendly support and stable, well-connected servers are waiting for you. Our servers are located exclusively in German data centers.

Linux Container VPS Small

Linux-based servers in four different variants are waiting for you. Cheap yet powerful, the vServer on LXC basis convince by their good performance. Use your vServer as a mail, web or teamspeak server with maximum stability and security. With a price between 2.49 € * and 7.79 € *, these servers offer the perfect introduction to the world of your own server solution.

Linx Container VPS Small

LXC vServer Big

Three different performance classes are waiting for you in this category. Powerful populated server systems with Linux operating system convince by their high stability and performance. With the LXC vServern Big you have enough performance to see for example to install your own gameserver. So you can play from anywhere with your friends on your own vServer. From 13.99€* to 28.99€* you will find high-quality technology on attractive terms in our offer.



Equipped with Linux or Windows operating system, our four entry-level solutions can inspire you in the world of KVM VPS. With a price between 2.99 € * and 9.99 € *, we offer you a powerful technology that makes it easier for you to enter the world of virtual servers. Whether as a data, mail or web server: Our KVM vServer Small will convince you with their stability.


KVM vServer Big

If you need power and performance from your virtual machine, then the four models in this range are the best for you. Highest power and stability are provided by our vServer. With a price between 12.99 € * and 21.99 € * on attractive terms.


Of course, all our vServers receive their own IP address from us and can be administrated directly via our customer portal. So you do not have to log in on different pages to change anything, but you can do all the tasks conveniently and easily via our portal. In addition, the price of each vServer has the space for a backup. In all variants, you also have the option of upgrades such. to order additional backups or additional Ram optional without having to change the whole tariff. Contact us and benefit today from your own vServer in the best quality. To ensure stability and performance, a RAID10 is used in all host systems, in addition we monitor different parameters of the host systems through a monitoring system.

*=incl Vat.

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