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Enjoy the flexibility

Webhosting Upgrades

In order to be as flexible as possible, you can extend this at any time or other tariff with any webhosting or e-mail hosting tariff . The tariff extensions can be booked either directly at the order or later via the customer account.
Extension Price per month, incl. VAT.
Webspace 0,50€ / 1024 MB
E-Mail Space 0,50€ / 1024 MB
E-Mail Mailboxes 0,75€ / 5 Postfächer
MySQL-Database 0,50€ / 1 Database
Cronjobs 0,50€ / 1 Cronjob
FTP Access 0,50€ / 1 FTP Access
PHP Memory_Limit 1,00€ / 128 MB (maximum 384MB)
DNS Management for Domains free
own/additional IPv4 address, each IP* 2,00€ + 3€ One time setup
own/additional IPv6 address, each IP* free
Restore files from our daily backup Free of charge – Please contact support for restoration

*= Please contact support for an IP address

VPS extensions

Be flexible and extend your Rootserver as you wish. All Upgrades can be easily purchased in the customer account.
Upgrade Price per month, incl. VAT.
backup place 3,50€ per Backup place
Enlargement of HDD, 10GB each 2,00€
Ram Upgrade, 1GB each 2,00€
Additional IPv4 addresses, per IP 2,00€ + 3€ One time setup
Additional IPv6 addresses, per IP free
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