Blesta Payment Gateway for SOFORT Überweisung

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Sofort Überweisung is a very popular payment option on the internet and combines the classic online bank transfer with the advantages of a real-time payment system. The customer does not need an additional account with a payment service provider to make payments and you as a merchant can process the order directly after receiving the payment confirmation.

Note: This payment gateway requires an active Classic Api account with SOFORT.

To make the payment, the customer is redirected to the SOFORT website, where he enters his account information and completes the payment. After successful payment, or payment cancellation, the customer is then redirected back to your website.

The configuration on the part of Blesta is very simple and you will receive detailed instructions for the necessary settings in your Classic API account at SOFORT.


You can find the changelog for this gateway here.


You can find the documentation for this module in our knowledge base


Blesta Payment Gateway for SOFORT Überweisung

incl. Vat
  • SHA512 data check
  • IPN
  • encoded (need min. IonCube Loader 12)
  • 1 licence allows the use on one Blesta Productive System + one Blesta Dev System
  • compatible with Blesta 5.1 - 5.6
  • Updates for 1 year incl. each additional year costs 10€.
  • PHP 7.2 – 7.4 & 8.1