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The affiliate system (affiliate program) of WHMCS is an interesting marketing option because, unlike e.g. When advertising in search engines or on websites, do not have to go into prepayment and only then have to pay a commission if it really comes to an order.

Typically, your partner will receive a Werbelink with a unique ID, which he can use e.g. On its website. If you click on this link, a cookie with the ID of your partner will be placed at the visitor of the website. As soon as an order is placed, the partner is then deposited in the system as advertiser by the cookie, thus obtaining the defined commission.

Through our Affiliate Promocoupon module, you can now make the partner program even more attractive for your partner and also for the future customer, by giving your partners the possibility to independently create vouchers for their website. Through the possibility to advertise with vouchers, you will be able to advertise your partners more for you and for the prospective customer, your offer will be even more interesting by the additional discount.

Of course, your partners can not simply create vouchers at random, as an administrator you can keep control of what the partner can create coupons.

Process with the module:
  • You define the “Promotion” e.g. 20% on all SSL certificates from supplier XY. In this case, you can decide how long the voucher is valid, the value of how often it can be used, as in the WHMCS’s own “Voucher Generator”.
  • Your partner can now create vouchers for the promotions you create
  • These vouchers can now be used by your partner. On its website
  • If one of the vouchers is redeemed, the module automatically sets the cookie with the ID of your partner
  • The order with the coupon code is carried out and your partner is deposited as an advertiser and receives the commission.
  • Possibility to create actions for which your affiliates can then create vouchers
  • Optional restriction that the affiliate per action can only generate X vouchers
  • Actions with expiration date are automatically removed by daily cron (deactivation of the voucher codes is accepted by WHMCS itself)
  • Individual vouchers can be deactivated directly from the module
  • Option to exclude individual affiliates from the voucher program
  • Option to only allow selected affiliates to participate in the program
  • Option to delete expired vouchers after X days
  • Multilingual
  • Customizable customer area
  • for WHMCS 8.6 – WHMCS 8.8
  • for PHP 7.4, 8.1

With the following pictures you can get a little impression of the module, but we also offer a free trial version.


You can find the Changelog of this module here.


You can find the Documentation for this module here.


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  • Requirements: PHP 7.4, 8.1, min. ionCube Loader 12