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Clientdetails Log Module

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Clientdetails Log Module

Logging of all changes to client data

With our WHMCS Clientdetails Log Module, you can keep track of the client details (e-mail address, address, ..).

As you can safely know, the client and also the admin the customer data such as e.g. Easily change the address in the client or admin area. The Admin will receive an e-mail. An e-mail which usually flew over quickly and then deleted.

In some situations, however, it may be important to know who made which changes to the data. For example, for a complaint, the one invoice could not have been made because the address was wrong. Our module logs all changes to the client data (address, name, e-mail and telephone number) including the date and who made the change. This way, you can quickly find out who made the change and whether the new address, e.g. only after dispatch of the invoice.


  • Overview of all changes
  • Detailed view of individual changes
  • Color highlights the changes in the detail view
  • Overview of the entire history of a client
  • Option to restore the old data with one click
  • Multilingual
  • for WHMCS 7.7 – 7.10
  • for PHP 7.1 to PHP 7.3


With the following pictures you can get a little impression of the module, but we also offer a free trial version.


You can find the changelog for this module here.


* The purchase version of this module already includes access to updates and support for 1 year. This access is automatically renewed annually. The costs for the extension amount to 10 € incl VAT. The update / support access can be terminated with a term of 30 days before extension.

Clientdetails Log Trial

Free try it 4free
    • 7 days free trial
    • encoded
    • Requirements: PHP 7.1. – 7.3, mind. ionCube Loader 10.2

Clientdetails Log

19,95€ incl Vat
    • Purchase version
    • 1 year updates and support incl. *
    • encoded
    • Requirements: PHP 7.1. – 7.3, mind. ionCube Loader 10.2

Clientdetails Log Lease

3,49€ per Month incl Vat.
    • Monthly rental
    • Updates and support over the rental period incl.
    • Period of notice: 7 days before renewal
    • encoded
    • Requirements: PHP 7.1. – 7.3, mind. ionCube Loader 10.2

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