WHMCS Domain Offer Module

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We have all experienced it; your own registrar proposes a great domain offer, for example a .bio domain for 20€ instead of 60€, if you register within the promotional period. A great offer which you would like to propose to your own clients, but at night after a hard day’s work you forget to re-enter the original price. The customers are happy because they can secure the deal for an even longer period, but after the promotional period, your registrar demands the original price from you, in other words for each cut-price registration, you pay the original price.

And this is where the Domain Offers module supports you. You can store offers in the module, which then enters the new price at the start of the WHMCS promotion and restores the original price when the promotion comes to an end. For this purpose, the module uses a own file for cronjobs, to that you are independently from the WHMCS cronjob. The module supports since version 1.1.0 pricetables for clientgroups.

  • Automatic price changes at the start of a promotion
  • Automatic restoration of the original price at the end of the promotion
  • E-mail notification when changes occur including details of what has changed. (can be deactivated)
  • Hook to highlight offers on the domainchecker.php site
  • multilingual
  • Compatible with multiple currencies
  • support for clientgroups
  • for WHMCS 8.5  – 8.7

The following pictures offer you an idea of what the module has to offer, but we also offer a free trial version.


You can find the module changelog here.


WHMCS Domain Offer Modul Trial

0 Freee Trial
  • 5 Days Trial
  • encoded
  • multilingual
  • Requirements: 7.4 & 8.1, WHMCS 8.5 – 8.7, min. ionCube Loader 12

WHMCS Domain Offer Modul Annually leased licence

incl Vat
  • yearly renewal only 20€
  • encoded
  • multilingual
  • Requirements: 7.4 & 8.1, WHMCS 8.5 – 8.7, min. ionCube Loader 12