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German WHMCS Adminfile

German translation of the WHMCS Admin area Webhosting / WHMCS Modules / German WHMCS Adminfile

Make it easier for you and your employees to deal with the admin area of WHMCS and use the translation language to translate it into German. The language file is regularly updated and adapted by us. The price includes lifetime Updates .


With the following pictures you can get a little impression about the translation.

Please note the WHMCS does not make the admin area 100% translatable. Thus, e.g. The Dashboard hardcoded textstrings introduced in WHMCS 7.1 which do not relate your information to the language files. For this, a corresponding message has already been given to WHMCS. As soon as WHMCS expands the language files accordingly, the language file is updated immediately.


German WHMCS Adminfile

25,00€ incl. VAT.
    • lifetime Updates
    • New: incl. langfile for the WHMCS EU Vat Modul
    • You got Langfiles for 7.0 – 7.10 as well as for future versions
    • Of course, our language file is not encrypted and thus customizable
    • 1 license allows usage on a WHMCS Productive System + a WHMCS Dev system

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast are updates available?
When WHMCS publishes updates that require changes to the language files, we try to publish an update of the language files as soon as possible. In the past, we have been able to provide all updates within a few hours of publication. However, the exact duration always depends on the size of the adjustments.
Are there any language files for beta versions?
Yes, if WHMCS provides a public beta version of their software, we will offer the appropriate language files, as we have already done with WHMCS 6.0 and 6.1. So you can test the new versions already in German.
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