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The WHMCS Networkissue module replaces the WHMCS’s own feature and provides you some additional features. The differences to the WHMCS own function are:

Standard WHMCS
  • Only one server can be selected per fault message, for example: when you have an issue on a switch, whereby several servers are affected, you have to create several identical messages.
  • Every customer can see every message in the clientarea, even those that do not concern him. For him relevant messages move thereby backwards and the whole looks after some time unclear.
  • The customer can only be informed of new messages via the clientarea
  • Customizable by own template file
  • WYSIWYG editor for creating messages including the possibility to highlight texts by color, grease, links, …
Networkissue Module
  • Multiple servers can be selected when creating issue messages. This saves time for larger actions / interferences, for example the message does not have to be created x times in the event of a switch failure.
  • Only the issues relevant to the client are displayed to him. Where through it is clearer and with large offerers does not feel “one goes here but much oblique” mediated.
  • The client can activate an e-mail notification in the client area. Here, healso has the option to select what messages he wants to be informed, e.g. Faults and announcements of maintenance. If the client chooses notifications, he will receive an e-mail containing the relevant system, the estimated duration and a description, after a relevant message has been entered for him. If the issue is marked as “resolved” by the admin, the client get a new notification. Advantage: fewer support ticks in case of malfunctions where x cclients ask why the server is not reachable, since the client were already informed by mail.
  • When a issue is created, the sending of the e-mail notification can be temporarily deactivated. This is helpful when disturbances of the traceability are to be entered subsequently.
  • The admin can determine if the customer can see the messages of the last 1.3.6 or 12 months
  • When a issue is created, it is possible to specify an expected duration which also appears in the client area and in the mail.
  • If a issue is closed in the Admin area, the start and end times automatically calculate the actual duration. This duration is then displayed in the admin and customer area and can also be displayed in the e-mail notification
  • Both, the template files and the e-mail templates, can be customized, all available variables are listed in the documentation.
  • WYSIWYG editor for creating messages including the possibility to highlight texts by color, grease, links, …. These highlights are also displayed in the e-mails.
  • Use of the Notification System introduced in WHMCS 6.0 – If a message is given to the client, he receives an additional notification in the client area (Template Six, Top)
  • Messages can be created not only for servers or “other”. With this module, you can also create product-related notifications.
  • Search function – In the client area the client has the possibility to search in the messages, searchable all available data such as e.g. Time, Date, Affected System, Description, .. (Six Template Only)
More Features

In addition to the above features, the Network Issue module also has the following features:

  • The adjustable e-mail limit allows you to decide how many e-mails are send during a Cron call. This way, you can adjust the shipping to the performance of your e-mail server and do not run the risk of being defined as a spamer by the mail servers you receive because suddenly you send x mails at once
  • For example, when you create a message for server 1 and a client has 4 products on this server, then he receives the e-mail only one time. The e-mail then lists all affected systems
  • The client has the possibility to send the messages to the customer account or to a freely definable e-mail address.
With the following pictures you can get a little impression of the module, but we also offer a free trial version.

You can found the changelog for the module here.


Networkissue Modul Trial

0 free Trial Version
  • 7 days free trial
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  • Requirements: PHP 7.4 & 8.1, ionCube Loader 12, WHMCS 8.5 - 8.7

Networkissue Modul

incl Vat
  • Purchase version
  • 1 Year Updates and Support incl.*
  • Requirements: PHP 7.4 & 8.1, ionCube Loader 12, WHMCS 8.5 - 8.7
  • encoded

Networkissue Modul

per Month, incl Vat
  • Lease Version
  • Updates and support over the rental period incl.
  • Requirements: PHP 7.4 & 8.1, ionCube Loader 12, WHMCS 8.5 - 8.7
  • notice period: 7 days before renewal
  • encoded