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WHMCS Gateway for SOFORT over Stripe

Offer your clients a quick and easy payment method Webhosting / WHMCS Modules / WHMCS Gateway for SOFORT over Stripe

SOFORT is one of the most popular payment options on the Internet and combines the classic bank transfer with the advantages of a real-time payment system. With our SOFORT Gateway for Stripe, you can offer your clients this convenient way of paying over your WHMCS.

Note: This payment gateway requires an account at

In order to make the payment, the client is directed to the website of SOFORT, here he can enter his bank account information and make the payment. After the successful payment, the client is redirected to your website.

The configuration of WHMCS is very simple; the API keys for your account are needed. Stripe supports payments of  1€ or more and the clients country must be: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands or Spain. If the client does not meet the requirements, he receives a corresponding message in the invoice view. This message can be edited via the language file and can be created for other languages.


The following figure shows the simple configuration in the WHMCS.

Einstellungen für Stripe und Sofort


You can find the Changelg here.


You would also like to offer the payment with Giropay via Stripe? The corresponding module can be found here. Tip: Purchase both in the bundle and save 10 €! Use this Link for the Bundle (the Bundles Price is only avaiable over this special link)

WHMCS Paymentgateway for Stripe and SOFORT

25,00€ incl. Vat.
    • encoded (need IonCube Loader 10.2)
    • Testmode Support
    • 1 license allows the usage on a WHMCS productive system + a WHMCS Dev system
    • compatible to WHMCS 7.2 – 7.6 and PHP 5.6 – 7.2
    • incl. Updates

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