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WHMCS offers you the option of a large number of different payment methods, but in our opinion WHMCS has unfortunately forgotten one important feature in this context. They may indeed offer many payment options but there is no way, for example, of limiting local payment methods to a specific group of customers. Thus, for example, an Australian customer may select a payment method which actually only exists for European customers.

This is exactly where our Gateway Limiter proves its worth. From the module you can select, for each gateway active in WHMCS, the individual payment methods which are to be made available to specific groups of customers. In this way you can limit payment methods to customers in certain countries, and you can even choose to stipulate that the customer must have paid a minimum of X invoices > €0.00 before (s)he may use the respective payment method.

  • Define the countries for which the payment method is to be made available
  • Define whether the payment method is to be available to all (including new customers) or only to existing customers who have already paid X invoices
  • Explicitly prohibit certain customers from using a payment method, even if the other prerequisites are not met
  • Explicitly allow certain customers to use a payment method, even if the other prerequisites are met
  • Limit Gateways for products
  • Disable Gateway for invoices with domains
  • Define min and max Amounts for the gateways (Checkout and viewinvoice)
  • Possibility that a customer with X-paid bills has the opportunity to use a payment option whis is actually blocked for his country
  • Option to auto accept Orders for selected clients
  • Option to disable a payment method for credit payments
  • Option to allow/disallow gateways based on the client group
  • Option to allow/disallow gateways based on the currency
  • For WHMCS 8.5. – 8.8
  • For PHP 7.4 & 8.1

To enable the module to work, small adjustments to the template are necessary. See here:

Once you have made the adjustments to the template and the module is configured, it is ready for use. If a customer now wants to place a new order and chooses a payment method which is not assigned to her/him, (s)he will receive a warning message when trying to submit the order, and the order will not be made.

Within viewinvoice,masspay, in the customer details where the customer can choose his default payment method, when the product is upgraded, and when the customer add a amount to his credit balance, payment methods that should not be available to the customer are completely hidden


The changelog of the module can be found under this Link.


You can find the documentation for this module on our Wiki.


We recommend that you check compatibility with our system using our free trial version before you place your order. This is particularly recommended if you use modules that are connected to payment gateways, such as for payment fees.


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