WHMCS PDF Invoice template

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WHMCS already provides a billing template for its Six Template, but it is very simple to make, and adjustments are not as easy to implement as in the HTML Billing view.

For this reason, we now offer you our own PDF invoice tool for purchase.

The template is unencrypted and thus freely customizable for you. It supports the header and footer function, so they appear on every invoice page. In addition, folds and hole marks are inserted on each side, and on the page with the transaction overview, we integrate a SEPA QR code. The SEPA QR Code is a QR code which your customers can scan with the bankingapp of your smartphone and the transfer agent is then filled out automatically – perfect for customers who pay you anyway by transfer.

As usual, we will provide you with a documentary in PDF format and Wiki to assist you with your adjustments.


You will receive an invoicepdf.tpl file showing the invoices as shown in the pictures below. You will also find a tutorial in the zip archive or in our Wiki. Explain which places you have to adjust for your own logo, etc.


With the following pictures you can get a little idea about how your invoices could look in the future.

And if you want to test the QR code, start a supporting app (for example, Sparkasse +) and simply scan the QR code from the 3rd picture.


You can find the Changelog for the Template here.


WHMCS PDF invoice template

24,95€ incl Vat
  • for WHMCS 8.3 – 8.10
  • Supports the header / footer function introduced in WHMCS 7
  • Freely customizable
  • Support for your own watermark
  • Hole and fold marks
  • Integration of QR code for automatically completed transfers in supporting smartphone apps (only € support)
  • Reverse charge note on the invoice
  • Option that the total sum is not changed even in the case of credit payments (required for some countries)
  • 1 license allows usage on a WHMCS Productive System + a WHMCS Dev system
  • Scope of delivery: invoicepdf.tpl, invoicepdfheader.tpl and invoicepdffooter.tpl + german.php and english.php for the entered texts
  • No images included