Our product range for WHMCS modules now includes more than 30 modules and gateways that expand the functional scope of WHMCS. In the meantime, not only German-speaking WHMCS users use our modules in their daily business, our modules are now used by WHMCS users worldwide.

Today we would like to present a small ranking list of the most popular and best-selling WHMCS modules.

  • TOP 1: Admin– and Client area Language files. WHMCS has a multilingual system, whereby you can adapt or translate your desired language yourself using language files. So that not everyone has to spend hours translating the language files for their WHMCS installation, we offer ready-made language files for this purpose.
  • TOP 2: PDF Invoice Template: A few years ago, we decided to make our own PDF invoice template available for purchase. This file has since enjoyed great popularity and is used by many users as the basis for their own invoice template.
  • TOP 3: WHMCS SEPA Module:Our SEPA module enables you to offer your customers payment by SEPA direct debit. The XML export and the two payment service providers Stripe.com and Micropayment.de are supported.
  • TOP 4: Sofort Paymentgateway for WHMCS: Besides PayPal, payment via SOFORT Überweisung is probably one of the most popular payment methods. No wonder that our WHMCS payment gateway has also made it to 4th place in our most popular WHMCS modules.
  • TOP 5: AV Contract Module for WHMCS: Our AV contract module has been a popular bestseller since its release. On countless WHMCS installations, this module is used to generate an AV contract. No wonder that there are already some enquiries as to whether we can also offer this module for Blesta.

In addition to these mentioned modules, our offer includes a variety of other modules, just browse through our overview of the WHMCS Modules, You are sure to find something else that might interest you. And if you have a module request or suggestion, simply contact our support.

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